It’s a tough world out there for men. We are constantly inundated with messages about what we should be and how we should act, but it can be hard to decipher what women actually want. Do they want us to be nice, or do they want us to be bad boys? Are they looking for intelligence or street smarts? And what the heck is swag anyway?

Black women are often looking for more than just physical attraction in a man. They want someone who is comfortable in his own skin and knows how to communicate. He should be confident but not cocky, and still able to make her laugh. Intelligence and education are also important, as are ambition and having goals. Black women want a man who is financially stable, well-groomed, and of course, a man who is recognized in the hierarchy of their social circles.

Here are 15 things that black women want in a man (There’s much more):

– A man who is comfortable in his own skin

– A man who knows how to communicate

– A man who is confident but not cocky

– A man who can make them laugh

– A man who is intelligent and well-educated

– A man who is ambitious and has goals

– A man who is financially stable

– A man who is well-groomed and takes care of himself

– A man with a good sense of style

– A man who is a good listener

-A Man Who Is Patient

-A Man Who Is Passionate About What He Does

-A Man Who Is Kind and Compassionate

-A Man Who Is Loyal and Faithful

-A Man Who Can Be a Good Friend as Well as a Lover

-And, Finally, a Man Who Loves and respects black women!

What do you think black women want in a man? Let us know in the comments below!