We have entered a new era in African American culture today.  Today we find that most of the young African American children are being raised by strong independent women who do not have the support of the father to help raise his children. This has brought about an interesting dynamic in the home. As these children get older there becomes a need for the father to be involved with the child because the father was part of making the child.

Black Single Mothers Are More Than Scapegoats | HuffPostThat may sound simple but it’s actually a little more complicated than it sounds.  Any time that you bring to people together that have their own series of traits and those two people bring in life into the world, that life will have the respective traits of each of those parents both good and bad.

Let’s say that your child’s father has a series of good traits that you liked about him when you met him and as you got to know him better you started to realize that he had some traits that you were not as fond of. As your child begins to get older you will begin to see traits from father both good and bad.

So when you notice that your child is beginning to do things that make you say “your acting just like your father,” keep in mind that he is in fact actiAfrican-American single-parent family | MGH Clay Center for Young ...ng like his father. Unfortunately, his father is not available to help him to deal with some of these negative traits and to help assist in developing the positive traits to make the child into a person that is whole and healthy.

There are some tips that you can use and we will be going over in our ongoing series on our blog feature on being a single mother in an African-American home. How does a woman raise a man alone? It can be done but if you are a single mother trying to raise a boy into a man please make note that you will need some insight, and we plan to give that to you.  Stay tuned!

Are you having questions about raising your little man? Let us know in the comments below.  If it is more of a personal nature then feel free to email me and I will send this information to our blogs “Life Coach”  who will be assisting us in our future discussions.