What is combative? Am I combative? What would make me considered to be combative? Why am I combative? Can I change or get better? Does this cause my relationship/job problems? Is being combative or defensive the same?

According to Dictionary.com

Combative: inclined to fight or prone to being argumentative. It’s especially used to describe someone as defensive and frequently disputes things.

5 Questions to determine if “You” may combative

  1. Unable to accept correction or someone telling you that you are wrong.
  2. Feel that criticsm or correction is harmful
  3. Does not like being given orders or very sensitive about taking orders
  4. Often disagrees based on personal feelings rather than facts
  5. Hates or punishes the messenger delivering negative information

Interesting isn’t it? Well, Keep Reading…

PsychologicalScience.org states that people who are sensitive to criticism tend to take the information they don’t fully understand as negative. A Harvard study showed that those who were unable to take criticism had an inclination to associate neutral (non-negative, or non-positive) words as negative.

“A sensitivity to criticism may lead an individual to be negatively impacted by any criticism, even when that criticism is constructive and intended to be helpful. (GoodTherapy.org)

Dr. Simon of drgeorgesimon.com presents a theory that states that people are combative because they have to win at all costs when given information that is corrective in nature.

Being combative directly correlates to sensitivity to criticism. This mindset shows a strong correlation/relation to negative thinking. Are you a negative thinker?