The Owner of the Black Owned Business Club on Clubhouse was a club that was promoting Black Business and created by Demetrion Ware during the pandemic. We went on Clubhouse recently and were informed that the Club had been virtually banned from Clubhouse. Why might you ask? Because the owner of the club, Mr. Demetrion Ware account was taken away because a member disgruntled ClubHouse member named Fashon falsely reported Mr. Ware’s account.

It was said by others we spoke to that Fashon was closely connected with clubhouse elites/staff as to easily get someone removed, and now Black Businesses will have to suffer (over 20,000 Black Owned Businesses in the club) due to one disgruntled person single-handedly destroying a mission of Black Owned Businesses on an entire platform.

There have been a number of people to get their accounts back but usually, it takes many people contacting clubhouse support to do so and we would like for you to do the same to get Mr. Demetrion Ware’s clubhouse account back on the platform so the Black Owned Business Club can continue to exist helping Black Owned Businesses in a time when it is needed most!

How to get the club reinstated?

Contact Clubhouse here and request that Mr. Demetrion Ware Clubhouse account be brought back so the 25,000 members of the Black Owned Business Club can continue with their mission.