Looking for a man to date online? Be careful when you’re swiping through profiles on social dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, or BlackPeopleMeet. Not all black men on these sites are good matches for you – in fact, some may even be downright dangerous.

Here are 23 types of black men you should avoid completely when looking for a partner online:

1. The “catfish”: This type of black man creates an entirely false profile on dating apps, often using someone else’s photos or lying about his own identity. These men can be found on Clubhouse with the fake bio, or fake photos, or photos of him and is fake girlfriend, beware many of these guys tend to be the “Down Low” brothas.

– 2. The player: This type of black man only cares about hooking up and has no interest in building a meaningful relationship. This guy will begin to talk about sex quickly as his insecurity will not allow him to foster any deep relationship with you for a time without getting his sexual gratification from you.

– 3. The “mama’s boy”: This black man is completely dependent on his mother and will never be able to make a decision without her approval – or worse, he’ll expect you to take care of him as she does. Black women fall prey to this. If you have a man that wants to rest in his femininity while you take care of his problems… watch out!

– 4. The cheater: This black man is not faithful and will cheat on you, even if he’s in a committed relationship. He is super insecure. He needs to be with many women to validate himself as a man. Watch this guy, he is always looking for your approval and or the approval of others.

– 5. The “broke” guy: This black man always seems to have financial problems and is always asking you for money. But it will always start by him investing in you. (Tinder swindler type)

– 6. Mr. unemployed: This type of black man is not currently employed and has no plans to find a job any time soon. He probably stays with his mother (mommas boy) or uses women for his own place to stay. Watch out, he will be moving in with you next.

– 7. The cyberbully: This black man is always rude and aggressive online, lashing out at others with his hateful comments and abusive language.

– 8. The narcissist: This type of black man only cares about himself and has no interest in your needs or desires. Just look at his photos, is his shirt off? Is he always showing himself at the beach or with friends or fawning with the ladies, be careful.

– 9. The scam artist: This black man will try to con you out of money or steal your personal information in order to take advantage of you, this is the Black “Tinder Swindler”.

– 10. The “baby daddy”: This black man is not interested in a serious relationship and will only use you as a baby mama, often leaving you with all the responsibility for raising his children.

– 11. The abusive black man: This type of black man is verbally or physically abusive, and may even be violent towards you.

– 12. The cheater: Other than being a player, this guy also likes to cheat on his partners. This man cheats because he feels empty inside or has what is called the madonna whore complex.

– 13. The drug addict: This black man is addicted to drugs or alcohol and will often use you as a way to get access to these substances.

– 14. The womanizer: This black man loves the ladies – and will often have several girlfriends or side chicks at the same time.

– 15. The commitmentphobe: This black man is afraid of commitment and will never settle down with one partner. If you ask this guy what is he looking for… he will always say something like “whatever happens happens”

– 16. The immature black man: This type of black man has no interest in a serious relationship and is still very much stuck in the mindset of a boy.

– 17. The “wannabe gangsta”: This black man thinks that acting tough or using profanity makes him look cool when he really looks like a fool.

– 18. The “thug”: This black man is involved in illegal or criminal activity, and you definitely don’t want to be associated with him. He looks very much like a leader or what some may call Alpha but this man is a man that has not formed a solid identity growing up so he is copying the identity of other men he has seen and looks up to.

– 19. The never-ending bachelor: This type of black man is always single and doesn’t want to settle down, even though he’s getting older.

– 20. The jerk: Ultimately, you should avoid this black man simply because he’s an all-around jerk to everyone – including you. He uses is jerkness to avoid getting close to a woman, usually because he has some deficiency that he is trying to avoid being seen if ever he gets too close.

-21. Mr. My D*ck is so amazing/big/whatever else he can think of, this is the guy that is proud of his penis and tries to get you mesmerized into trying it out because he seems to think that all women are nymphos kinda like the basic women he has been dating all his life.

-22. Mr. Overcompensate/Mr Insecure This guy is totally insecure and tries to be hyper-aggressive to mask the weak little man-boy on the inside.

So if you’re looking for a quality partner online, be sure to steer clear of these 20 types of black men on social dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, or