1. She Embraces her Femininity
  2. She Cares About Her Appearance
  3. She’s Not Confrontational or argumentative with her man
  4. She’s A Champion of Community Causes
  5. She’s Kind and considerate of others
  6. She Only Associates with Masculine Men
  7. She Cares About Her Reputation
  8. She’s Classy and always acts like a lady
  9. She’s Always Improving Herself
  10. She’s a HomeMaker
  11. She’s A Peacemaker
  12. She’s Loves Family and Family Values
  13. She’s Not A Victim
  14. She Saves Her Sexual Power For One Man
  15. She seems unapproachable to Low Value Men
  16. Low Value Men are uncomfortable around her
  17. 100% Comfortable with a mans leadership
  18. She have strong morals and values
  19. She has strong boundaries to maintain her morals and values
  20. She is attracted to provider and protector types